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Each of our collections is inspired by the elegance and comfort of women, so our designs are timeless and versatile, specially made to please different styles.

Latin passion

Our history

Ava Fuentes Shoes is a footwear brand that was born in 1999 in Venezuela, and decides expand to bring comfort and elegance to every corner of the world to women of all ages and styles, always at the forefront and conquering new designs expanding more beyond footwear.

Was born under elegance and comfort concepts, creating a exclusive and handcraft footwear line for all world, slowly conquering the market, including in his repertoire flats, tennis, boots, platforms, handbags and with ambitious plans to continue innovating and incorporating much more.

Ava Fuentes

An entrepreneur biography

Ava Fuentes Devis, born in Maracaibo, from an early age showed great interest in the world of fashion, which she knows thanks to her developing as the founder of a clothing, footwear and handbag store which she called EMPORIUM. From that moment, Ava Fuentes has become an image of local and national reference, she being her specialty in footwear, so she decides to launch her own line of footwear. Today, 22 years later, Ava Fuentes Shoes conquers the market with an exclusive and handmade line, which seeks to travel the world with its comfortable and elegant designs. But this story does not end here, because this Venezuelan businesswoman continues to innovate and work every day to offer the women of the world the best when it comes to style, that is why it has spread offering more styles of footwear, as well as they have gone built-in wallets.

QUality and comfort


Each of the Ava Fuentes models are exclusively handcrafted by Colombian manufactory, using materials such as palm, natural fibers, cord, silk, fabric, leather and details in different materials. Thanks to its elaboration entirely by hand, each model provides not only style, but also comfort, being totally light and comfortable to wear on every occasion. In addition, it should be noted that, thanks to the meticulous design, they are fully combinable with all styles.

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